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Fines and fees are harming Florida's families and future

Fines and fees  — an unreliable funding source that is hurting working families

Imposing and collecting court fines and fees is bad economic policy. They waste taxpayer money, law enforcement’s time, and can force many hard-working parents into an impossible choice: feed your family or fund the courts? 

Instead of bringing in revenue, these fines and fees are stunting Florida’s economy and taking away basic freedoms people need to thrive.

Current fines and fees laws stop people from working, driving and paying debt

If you can’t afford to make a fine or fee payment, Florida takes your license and, with it, your ability to drive and work. Losing your license makes everyday tasks like caring for your children or buying groceries almost impossible. These needless license suspensions also cause businesses to lose employees just because it’s illegal for them to drive to work.

Did you know the vast majority of suspensions in Florida *are not* for dangerous driving? Learn more.

Juvenile fees trap young people and their families in lifelong debt

In the juvenile justice system, children and their families are billed for their involvement with the courts. Young people who owe debts end up with higher recidivism rates, stay on probation longer, are unable to expunge their records, obtain driver’s licenses, participate in job corps programs, or enroll in the military because they are assessed fines and fees they cannot afford. The majority of those affected are young boys, many of whom come from poor families.

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End debt-based license suspensions in Florida

It’s time for Florida to join the dozens of other states in ending license suspensions for unpaid court fines and fees. Are you or your organization ready to be part of the movement to end this counterproductive practice? Our current supporter network includes 50+ organizations.

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Eliminate juvenile fees in Florida.

The movement to end juvenile fees is gaining momentum across the nation. In 2021 alone, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana and California all passed reforms to stop punishing young people and families with juvenile fees.

Do you or your organization want to be part of Florida’s efforts to reform juvenile fees? Get in touch. 

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Resources for Advocates

Dreams Deferred: The Impact of Juvenile Fees On Florida’s Youth, Families, and Future

Driving on Empty: Florida’s Counterproductive and Costly Driver’s License Suspension Practices

Suspended in the Sunshine State: Interactive Maps Showing Florida’s Driver’s License Suspensions Across Counties

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