Meade v. Bonin et al

When the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court (“OPCDC”) orders a defendant to sign up for ankle monitoring, the defendant must choose from three private ankle monitoring providers operating in Orleans …

NCLC Litigation Tracker

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) launched a litigation tracker devoted to cataloging recent consumer law cases challenging abuses by bail and corrections industry actors. The tracker is organized into …

Hiskett v. Lambert

The Superior Court lacked the statutory authority to order that Hiskett bear the cost of electronic monitoring during his pretrial release.

Contra Costa County Resolution No. 2019/522: Moratorium on the assessment and collection of certain adult criminal justice fees.

This resolution imposes an indefinite moratorium on the assessment and collection of certain criminal justice administrative fees charged by Contra Costa County, California. Specifically, the resolution addresses probation fees (including drug testing fees), public defender fees, and alternatives to incarceration such as electronic monitoring and work programs.