6 Things to Know about Virginia Budget Amendment to Temporarily Halt Driver’s License Suspensions for Unpaid Court Debt

This fact sheet for Virginia drivers provides guidance on how they can go about reinstating driver’s licenses that were suspended for unpaid court debt.

You can read the full text of the fact sheet here.

  • If your license is suspended solely for unpaid court debt; is not expired; and you still have the physical license, it will automatically become valid with no requirement to pay a reinstatement fee.
  • If you are unsure of why your license is suspended, you can go to a DMV office or call the DMV to find out more information.
  • Even though the amendment lifts current suspensions and prevents future suspensions, it does not negate the debt that led to those suspensions.
  • It’s possible to have more than one type of license suspension at the same time (e.g. DUI and unpaid court debt), and this amendment only affects suspensions for court debt.
Legal Aid Justice Center