Minnesota HF 3358: Public safety commissioner required to report on driver’s license suspensions and revocations

This statute would require the Commissioner of Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety to report annually on driver’s license suspensions and revocations to the legislature and the public. The report must include how many licenses are suspended or revoked, how many licenses have been reinstated, how many fines are traffic-related, and the collections rate.

This bill was introduced as part of a legislative package that includes HF 3356 and HF 3357. You can read the full text of HF 3358 here.

Key Provisions
  • Each year, the commissioner of public safety must report the status of issued, suspended, and revoked licenses to the state legislature, and make the report public on the department’s website.
  • Each year, the state court administrator must report (1) charges and convictions for driving after suspension or revocation and (2) payment of fines for violations related to operation of a motor vehicle, and make the report public on the state court’s website.
  • The state court administrator’s report will also detail the percentage of fines that were paid in full, paid on a payment plan, that accrued late charges, or those that were sent to court collections.
Nick Zerwas