Nevada Assembly Bill 439: Abolishes juvenile fees.

Nevada Assembly Bill 439 abolishes a wide variety of fees associated with juvenile courts in Nevada, instead providing that relevant services and facilities should be funded through federal, state, or county budgets.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

Key Provisions
  • If an attorney is appointed by the court to represent youth, their guardians must not be required to pay attorney’s fees.
  • Youth and families must never be required to pay fees associated with juvenile detention (“pay-to-stay”).
  • If children receive services as part of juvenile court, the services should come from an approved provider, which in turn should be funded through federal or state funds. Courts may not ask guardians to reimburse the court for the cost of services unless the guardian chooses a non-approved provider. This provision applies to drug testing, medical care, and mental health treatment, among other services.
  • The bill also includes provisions requiring counties to pay for certain types of medical care if the guardian lacks health insurance.
  • Guardians shall not be ordered to pay costs associated with restitution work programs, cognitive training and human development programs, arts programs, or fitness programs.
Nevada House Judiciary Committee