Ohio Revised Code 2947.14: Hearing on ability to pay fine

If someone is ordered to pay a fine as all of or part of their sentence, a hearing will be held at the time of sentencing to evaluate their ability to pay. If the court finds that they are able to pay the fine based on their income, assets, and debts, a judgement will be entered with this determination.

An arrest warrant can be issued for a person who is found to be able to pay their fine but does not pay it. If someone is arrested for willfully not paying their fine, that person is entitled to a hearing on the first regularly scheduled court day after their arrest to present evidence of a change of their financial circumstances related to their ability to pay. However, defendants may also waive their right to this hearing.

Apart from exceptions specified in this code, no one shall be jailed, sentenced to a workhouse, or otherwise held in custody for a sentence that includes a fine. Individuals who are imprisoned based upon this code will be credited at a rate of $50 per day, including people jailed for less than a day. For delinquent fines less than $50, citizens will be jailed for one day. No court order to jail someone in accordance with this code shall exceed 6 months.

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Ohio Revised Code 2947.14