Oregon Senate Bill 422

This bill eliminates fees and court costs associated with juvenile delinquency matters. The bill also provides for the appointment of court appointed counsel at the state’s expense in all juvenile matters, and eliminates the requirement that parents must pay expenses for the support of a youth while in state custody.  

Key provisions:

  • Eliminates the authority of the court to assess a fee or expense for matters arising court of the actions of a person who was under 18 at the time and not prosecuted as an adult, including those assessed against the youth, their parent, or the youth after attaining the age of 18.
  • Courts retain their authority to assess disciplinary fines or restitution. 
  • Requires the appointment of counsel in juvenile delinquency matters at the state’s expense, regardless of the financial eligibility of the youth or their parent.
  • Eliminates the requirement of parents or guardians to pay reasonable expenses for the support of a youth while in custody of a state financed or supported residence, or any expenses arising as a result of the youth being within the jurisdiction of the court. 
  • Neither a youth or his parents may be ordered to pay administrative costs associated with youth’s involvement with the court, probation, detention or Oregon Youth Authority services.
  • The youth or the youth’s parent cannot be required to pay any fee, cost or surcharge as a requirement of a formal accountability agreement or as a condition of probation. 

You can read the full text of the bill here

Senator Manning Jr. and Representative Sollman
Senate Bill 422