Personal Narrative: Khalid

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Khalid is a 40 year-old San Antonio resident and a Navy Veteran with a disability. While Khalid was in the Navy, a driver drove through a red light, injuring Khalid and damaging his car. However, Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) surcharges were imposed on Khalid because he was driving without insurance. Khalid never received notice of the surcharges or the program.

Seven years later, he was involved in another accident which limited his range of mobility and prevented him from standing for more than a few minutes. He continued to serve in the Navy for more than a decade but was later honorably discharged.

Khalid earned his Bachelors and MBA but his physical limitation affected his ability to find employment. He eventually got a job offer but needed a driver’s license. When he went to renew the license, it was denied without any explanation. Only with the help of free legal counsel did he understand it was because of the DRP surcharges. He was eventually informed that he owed $2000 and was put on a payment plan of $13.13 per month. He still does not have his driver’s license

According to the complaint, “Khalid receives $1,920 per month in Veteran’s Disability benefits, but the rent and expenses he must pay to support his children are over $2,000 a month.” He defaulted several times on the monthly payment plan. He has physical therapy five to seven times a month and can’t use public transportation because he is unable to stand for long periods. Khalid has lost two job offers because of the suspension.