Ray et al. v. Judicial Correction Services Inc. et al.

This case started in 2012 and is now on its fifth amended complaint. In their motion to amend the complaint, plaintiffs sought to add a conspiracy claim against Judicial Correction Services (JCS) and other municipal courts outside of Chidersburg City, Alabama, add summaries of the constitutional counts clarifying alleged violations, add a claim for restitution of payments made to JCS, amend their due process claim to state that some of the probation orders were invalid because people were placed on probation without adjudication of their guilt nor sentenced to serve jail time, expand the class definitions and other minor amendments.


The court found the conspiracy claim was unsupported; it was unnecessary to add the summaries; it was too late to ask for restitution when then previous four complaints sought damages; an appeal should have been filed instead of filing a collateral civil suit. Therefore, these requests to amend were denied. However, the court did allow the minor amendments and the expansion of class definitions.

You can read the full text of relevant documents via the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse.

42 USC § 1983 (alleging Due Process and Equal Protection violations)
2:12-cv-02819 (N.D. Ala. 2016)
August 2012, amended Dec. 2012, April 2013, July 2015, February 2016, and July 2018
Equal Justice Under Law and Austin Community Law Center