Resolution in Support of Limiting Driver’s License Suspensions to Violations that Involve Dangerous Driving

This resolution urges state legislators to limit driver’s license suspensions “to conduct that involves offenders with dangerous driving,” such as driving under the influence or committing multiple moving violations (e.g. speeding, reckless driving). The resolution refers to data from several states indicating that millions of American motorists have had their driver’s licenses suspended for unpaid fines and fees, and that “40% of all driver’s license suspensions [nationwide] are issued for conduct that was unrelated to driving.” The resolution also notes that many states impose significant fees for reinstating suspended or revoked licenses.

A person whose driver’s license is suspended will often find it more difficult to earn a living and therefore pay the debt they owe to the government. The number of individuals with a suspended license also places a burden on the limited resources of law enforcement.

You can read the full text of the resolution here. 

American Legislative Exchange Council