State Strategies to Address the Needs of Justice-Involved Youth Impacted by Collateral Consequences

Collateral consequences refers to the adverse effects resulting from an interaction with the justice system. Even youth with the lowest level of engagement with the system face collateral consequences that can restrict their ability to develop into productive and self-sufficient adults and impact their families for years to come. Collateral consequences can be immediate or long term and include financial penalties, driver’s license suspension, and the loss of housing, employment, and educational opportunities. The National Governo’s Ascoation convened experts to better understand the collateral consequences youth face. This report summarizes those discussions and highlights policy strategies that include the elimination of fines and fees for youth. 

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Policy Solutions:

  • Raise the age of adjudication in a juvenile court 
  • Improve access to diversion programs
  • Remove financial penalties
  • Provide educational opportunities 
  • Create supports for older youth upon reentry 
  • Provide access to housing 
  • Increase access to record sealing and expungement
Jessica Moise, Elise Simonsen, Maria Kearl
National Governors Association