City of Seattle v. Long

Summary: Steven Long worked as a general tradesman and stored work tools and personal items in his truck, where he had been living since he was evicted from his apartment in …

NM SB181

This bill requires courts in criminal proceedings to assess ability to pay a fine, fee or costs, at the time of sentencing. The bill also requires that individuals be permitted …

Personal Narrative: Lakysha

Lakysha Bradley's driver's license has been suspended since 2007. A payment plan granted her temporary relief, but she defaulted on her payments shortly after because she could not afford them. Having a driver's license would enable Lakysha to pursue a more financially stable life and spend more time with her family.

Municipal Fines and Fees: A 50-State Survey of State Laws

This report, including an interactive map, provides a 50-state analysis of state laws that regulate municipal imposition and collection of fines and fees. The analysis is based on 52 factors, organized into 7 broad categories, that measure the extent to which state laws “prohibit, sustain, encourage or neutralize” municipal reliance on fines and fees.