New Florida Law Offers More Affordable Payment Plan For Court-Ordered Fees


Payment plans will allow people to resolve their cases, and Florida clerks will be able to get the case’s balance down to zero. 

In Florida, 70 percent of the millions of people with suspended driver’s licenses are due to unpaid fines and fees. Under a new Florida law, Floridians with outstanding court fees now have more affordable payment plans. The payment plans are interest-free, and people with fees can pay the greater of $25 a month or 2 percent of their annual income, divided by 12. Although clerks can charge a down payment or processing fee, the state caps down payments at the lower of $100 or 10 percent of the total owed. Processing fees can be a one-time charge of $25 or $5 per month of their plan.

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Romy Ellenbogen
Orlando Sentinel