FFJC Embarks on Rural Nevada Listening Tour To Hear Real Stories Behind Fines and Fees

Are you living in a rural community in Nevada? Have you come into contact with the court system because of a ticket, court fees, or petty misdemeanor? We want to hear your story.

Join FFJC’s Nevada staff as we set off on our rural listening tour to understand how fines, fees and petty misdemeanors are affecting everyday Nevadans.

Upcoming Tour Dates/Locations

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Why are we coming to your town? 

Too often rural and native communities have little to no input in the creation of Nevada’s fine and fee policies, even when they are the ones that are most affected by them. This tour is a chance to make your voice heard.

In Nevada, we all have had at least one experience with a fine or fee — whether it’s a traffic ticket, petty misdemeanors, court fee, supervision fee…and the list goes on. How have these government-imposed fines and fees affected your life, your job, your family? We want to know.

Who we are:

The Fines and Fees Justice Center (FFJC) is a national organization dedicated to ending justice system fees and ensuring fines are equitably imposed and enforced. Our goal is to create a fairly funded justice system. We work with affected communities, advocates and lawmakers in four states: Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, New York. This listening tour will be led by longtime Nevada advocates, Leisa Moseley and Nick Shepack.

Who should attend:

All rural community members are welcome! Here are some specific ways you may like to participate:

  • Tell your story at our town hall events to help others understand this issue
  • Take an anonymous survey about your experience with fines and fees
  • Share this info with your community who may have a story to tell
Local leaders and elected officials can:
  • Help us connect with other local leaders and community groups
  • Host town halls in the communities you represent.
  • Learn from your constituents by attending our events

Let us know you’ll be coming by registering your attendance here.

Contact us

Have questions about the tour or want to learn more about our work? Feel free to get in touch with our tour leaders: FFJC Nevada Director Leisa Moseley ( and our Nevada Deputy Director, Nick Shepack (