Carceral Immobility and Financial Capture: A Framework for the Consequences of Racial Capitalism Penology and Monetary Sanctions

In this report, the author argues that jurisdictions use monetary sanctions to immobilize people through imprisonment and perpetual financial capture, and decentering racial capitalism prevents scholars from seeing monetary sanctions as foundational to the prison industrial complex. 

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  • Pay-to-stay provisions, driver’s license revocation, wage garnishment, income tax seizure and parole revocations are examples of carceral immobility and financial capture. 
  • Poor, working class, Black, Latinx and migrant communities are disportionately immobilized and financially captured to the financial benefit of jurisdictions.
  • Fee waivers and sliding scales provide short term relief, but abolishing user costs all together—fees, surcharges, and assessments–might be the first step toward immediate and large scale deconstruction of the prison industrial complex.
Brittany Friedman