Crime Survivors Speak: Texas Victims’ Experiences With Recovery and Views on Criminal Justice


74 percent of crime survivors do not want someone’s inability to pay probation fees, and fines to interfere with rehabilitative efforts.

In the past ten years, 41 percent of Texans have been a victim of crime. While the majority of victims describe their experience as traumatic, less than half felt supported by the criminal justice system. The Alliance for Safety and Justice survived 2,000 Texas crime survivors on ways they’ve been impacted by crime, their needs, and how state policy can align with their safety priorities. Survey responses demonstrated that victims face challenges accessing victim compensation from the state and that the majority of crime survivors support changes to the justice system that would increase rehabilitation. 

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Key Findings:

  • Nearly two-thirds of victims were unaware of victims’ compensation.
  • Only nine percent of violent crime victims in Texas ever receive victims’ compensation.
  • Texas denied 5,400 victims of crime compensation for failure to cooperate with law enforcement or for incomplete applications.


  • Reduce barriers to compensation for victims.
  • Strengthen judges’ ability to conduct ability-to-pay assessments.
Alliance For Safety and Justice