Maryland Senate Bill 234: Vehicle Laws – Suspension of Driver’s License or Registration – Unpaid Citations or Judgements

This bill repeals the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s authority to suspend a driver’s license and vehicle registration for unpaid traffic fines. The bill does not end driver’s license suspensions for unpaid criminal fines.

You can read the full text of the bill here

Key Provisions
  • Authorizes the court to approve an installment plan agreement for the payment of citations or fines imposed at a hearing or trial.
  • Allows defendants to establish a payment plan if the amount of their fines are $150 or more. (Previously, the amount due had to be at least $300). 
  • Eliminates monthly minimum payments. (Previously, the monthly minimum was 10% of the total amount due).
  • Allows an individual to comply with a notice to appear on a traffic citation by entering into a payment plan.
  • Permits the court to refer outstanding traffic fines to the Central Collection Unit or process the outstanding fine as it would other outstanding fines owed to the court.
Senators Griffith, Kelley, Lee, Smith, West, Young, Carter, and Hettleman
Maryland Senate Bill 234