Oregon HB 2424: Directs Department of Transportation to create program by which certain persons may apply for reduction or waiver of moneys owed to department. […]

This bill directs Oregon’s Department of Transportation to create a program that allows certain individuals who have had their driver’s licenses suspended to apply for a reduction or waiver of the criminal justice debt that prevents them from regaining driving privileges.

You can read the full text of HB 2424 here. 

Key Provisions
  • Requires the Department of Transportation to create a program to waive or reduce court debt owed by individuals with suspended driver’s licenses
  • Creates a process for individuals under criminal justice supervision to request reinstatement of driver’s licenses and occupational licenses
  • Directs and allows the DOT to reinstate driver’s licenses after receiving a court order
Julie Parrish, Michael Dembrow
Oregon H.B. 2424