Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Standing Policy on Juvenile Administrative Fees

In the summer of 2018, New Orleans became the first city in the South to abolish fees charged to youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

The new court rule notes that “state law authorizes but does not require the imposition of” juvenile fees. Accordingly, the rule eliminates the following categories of juvenile fees:

  • Physical and mental examination fees
  • Care and treatment fees
  • Teen or youth court program fees
  • Appointed counsel fees
  • Medical treatment fees
  • Probation supervision fees

You can read the full text of the order here.

The adoption of this Standing Policy on Juvenile Administrative Fees will allow the Court to better serve the youth of Orleans Parish, their families, and the community. The Court encourages other Louisiana juvenile courts to end juvenile administrative fees.  –Hon. Candice Bates-Anderson, Chief Judge, Orleans Parish Juvenile Court

Chief Judge Candice Bates-Anderson, Orleans Parish Juvenile Court