Who Must Pay to Regain the Vote? A 50-State Survey

This research report examines how state voting laws use payment of fines and fees as a factor to determine whether a person regains the right to vote following a felony conviction. The authors provide context to this issue by referencing Florida’s 2018 ballot initiative and listing the related statutes in each state. 

You can read the full text of the report here

Key findings

  • In 20 U.S. states, fines and fees do not affect a person’s ability to regain the right to vote. 
  • 16 states base re-enfranchisement on completion of supervision which may require payment of all fines and fees. 
  • Ten states permanently deny the right to vote for nonpayment of all or certain types of fines and fees related to a disqualifying conviction. 
  • In four states, people can only regain their right to vote through constitutional clemency.
Margaret Love and David Schlussel
Collateral Consequences Resource Center