Tennessee HB 0839: Prevents suspension of a driver license for failure to pay […] if person is indigent or enters into payment plan.

This legislation requires Tennessee courts to conduct an ability to pay hearing before suspending a driver’s license for failure to pay fines and fees. At that hearing, the defendant may request to enter into a payment plan based on their ability to pay. If the defendant is deemed indigent, or if the defendant is allowed to enter into a payment plan, the court will issue a restricted license that allows travel to work, school, or a place of worship. One missed payment on the payment plan will result in suspension of the restricted license. Additionally, individuals who currently have suspended licenses for failure to pay fines and fees will be allowed to apply for a payment plan with the court. If the court approves the payment plan, the person can present that approval to the Tennessee Department of Safety, which will issue a restricted license.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

Raumesh Akbari
Tennessee HB 0839