Tennessee SB 802: Revises provisions governing payment plans and stays from license revocation for assessed litigation taxes, court costs, and fines.

This bill creates a mechanism for Tennessee drivers who have unpaid court debt to keep their licenses from being revoked on that basis. The bill provides that any person who is unable to pay their fines and fees may apply for an order staying the revocation, and the order shall be granted if the person would experience hardship due to the revocation. This legislation also allows for people to set up a payment plan, and if a payment plan is established, it ensures that an order staying license revocation will remain in effect unless the person fails to make payments for 3 consecutive months. In addition to payment plans, the bill allows people who are indigent to apply for a waiver of outstanding fines and fees, but applying for a waiver carries an application fee of up to $50 (courts’ discretion). Finally, the bill provides that individuals who have had their licenses revoked for failure to pay fines and fees may apply for a restricted license, but the restricted license application fee is $65.

You can read the full text of SB 802 here.

Steven Dickerson, Jeff Yarbro