West Virginia Senate Bill 634: Second Chance Driver’s License Act

West Virginia Senate Bill 634 established the state’s second chance driver’s license program. The program allows for temporary stays of driver’s license suspensions and revocations so that people who have unpaid fines and fees can retain gainful employment and settle their court debt. In brief, when drivers apply to the program, they enter into a monthly payment plan with minimum payments of $50. After the first monthly payment is received, the West Virginia DMV issues a stay on the participant’s driver’s license suspension (but also imposes restrictions on where and when they may drive).

The bill defines the application process, the requirements people must meet and the privileges they experience as a program participant, and how the funds collected through the program are dispersed. It also provides that the Director of the Division of Justice and Community Services has the authority to permit a hardship waiver if they determine that the driver’s financial circumstances changed.

You can read the full text of the bill here.

William Cole, Jeffrey Kessler