Chicago Speed Cameras Fines Motorists over $102 million on 2023

In 2013, Chicago began issuing fines to motorists captured driving in excess of the speed limit. Since then, speed cameras have generated $879 million for the city, sending 9,132,409 tickets to motorists. As of 2023, the city had around 169 active cameras, with the volume of tickets issued exploding following the lowering of the threshold to ticket drivers in 2021. This article highlights collection statistics from Chicago speed cameras in 2023. 

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Key Findings: 

  • In 2023, Chicago speed cameras issued 1,562,413 tickets which generated over $102 million in fines; the cameras generated $879 million total since they started in 2013.
  • Speed cameras collected $46.9 million from fines paid on time and an additional $55.4 million from speeding tickets that included a late fee.
  • The base fine for speeding 6 to 10 mph over the posted speed limit is $35, and $100 for speeding 11 mph and over.  
  • There are 5 cameras in the city that generated over $2 million in revenue, and 17 that generated over $1 million, before late fees. 
  • In 2018, the city implemented the Clear Path Relief Program to reduce fines for Chicagoans making less than $38,640 per year and extending the repayment period, but only 0.4 percent of tickets have been forgiven through the program.
  • Despite a pledge to phase out speed cameras, the Mayor’s 2024 budget relies on fines and fees from parking tickets, speeding and red-light camera tickets, booting fees and other vehicle infractions to remain balanced.
Patrick Andriesen
Illinois Policy