Criminal Justice Debt Reform Builder

The Criminal Justice Debt Reform Builder is an innovative online tool that allows users to quickly explore and assess fines and fees reform statutes in all 50 states. For each state, CJPP has prepared a summary webpage (under “State Analysis”) that compiles all statutes governing fines and fees assessed in that state. CJPP’s state analyses focus on driver’s license suspensions, ability to pay hearings, conflicts of interest, poverty penalties, and transparency. The tool also includes a “Law Explorer” that allows users to search for specific statutes by category sorting or keyword searches.

This tool also advances recommendations for policy reform, and readers can learn more about CJPP’s policy reform prescriptions in their publication “Confronting Criminal Justice Debt: A Guide for Policy Reform.”

You can access the Criminal Justice Debt Reform Builder here.

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Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School, Mitali Nagrecha, metaLAB at Harvard