Illinois House Bill 5340: License to Work Act

The “License to Work Act” identifies the scope and limitations of each government office’s suspension/revocation power, the reasons for which a driver’s privileges could be restricted, and which conditions allow a person to have their license restored.

You can read the full text of the bill here. You can also find more information via License2Work, the Illinois coalition supporting this legislation.

Key Provisions
  • The License to Work Act eliminates driver’s license suspension as a penalty for most non-driving violations, such as unpaid tolls, truancy (for minors), motor fuel theft, and in some cases, failure to pay parking tickets.
  • For individuals who are behind on paying their parking tickets, the License to Work Act mandates an ability-to-pay hearing. If an individual is determined to be unable to pay their tickets, their license will not be suspended, and they will be offered a reasonable payment plan.
  • A license that was suspended or revoked prior to the effective date of this act because of failure to pay a fine or fee (or due to other offenses listed above) will be restored by the Secretary of State.
Carol Ammons