Case Studies in Indiana Community Corrections Fines and Fees

This case study examines the fines and fees a court can charge at the point of conviction and throughout supervision by comparing the experiences of four people convicted of similar crimes in the same Indiana county. The authors argue that more variation can exist among the costs assessed at conviction than the fines and fees imposed throughout probation and parole sentences. 

You can read the full text of the study here

Key findings

  • About 1 in every 55 adults in the U.S. is serving a probation or parole sentence. 
  • Unpaid fines and fees can be converted to a civil judgment which may be used to obtain a real estate lien. 
  • 12 different types of fines and fees can be charged to individuals between the time of conviction and the end of their supervision. 
  • A person’s original supervision sentence can be extended for months or years while the court rules on probation revocation petitions. During this waiting period, people may be subjected to paying additional fines and fees in order to remain in compliance with their supervision. 
Community Corrections Fines and Fees Project