Missouri SB 572: Modifies various provisions regarding municipalities located in St. Louis County, nuisance abatement ordinances, disincorporation procedures for various cities, and municipal courts

This Act reduces the amount of fees charged to individuals who receive a minor traffic or municipal ordinance violation and changes the procedure for charging fines and fees to people who receive minor traffic or municipal ordinance violations.

This Act works in conjunction with SB 5, as they have several overlapping directives. You can read the full text of SB 572 here. 

Key Provisions
  • Municipal courts may no longer assess a fine for minor traffic violations and municipal ordinance violations if the combined fines and fees will be greater than (a) $225 for minor traffic violations; (b) $275 for the first municipal violation; (c) $275 for the second municipal violation, (d) $350 for the third municipal violation; or (e) $450 for the fourth or any subsequent violations committed within a 12-month period.
  • An individual cannot be jailed for failure to pay a fine unless nonpayment violates the terms of their probation or unless the due process procedures mandated by the Missouri Supreme Court are strictly followed.
  • If a court finds that the defendant is indigent, no fees can be assessed against that defendant.
  • No additional charge can be issued for failure to appear for a minor traffic violation.
  • If the percentage of the city’s annual general operating revenue derived from fines and fees for municipal ordinance violations and minor traffic violations exceeds 20%, the excess amount is sent to the state’s department of revenue, and the department will then distribute the excess money to schools in the county.
  • Municipal courts must establish procedures (1) that allow indigent defendants to present evidence of their financial condition; (2) make use of community service alternatives instead of imposing costs; and (3) allow for the use of alternative payment plans.
Eric Schmitt
SB 572