Washington Substitute Senate Bill 6360: Developing a plan for the consolidation of traffic-based financial obligations

This bill invited criminal justice system stakeholders to participate in a work group to develop a plan and program to consolidate drivers’ traffic fines and fees from multiple Washington courts into “unified and affordable” payment plans. September 15, 2017 was the deadline for the work group to relay their findings and recommendations to the Office of the Attorney General.

As a result of SB 6360, the Washington State Attorney General published a report, Consolidating Traffic-Based Financial Obligations in Washington State. Among other recommendations, the report called for the establishment of a unified payment plan system and the restoration of driving privileges for those who continue to make payments on their debt. Restoration of privileges would occur as soon as an individual entered into a payment plan agreement.

You can read the full text of SB 6360 here.

Senators Steve O'Ban, Reuven Carlyle, Marko Liias, Pramila Jayapal, David Frockt, Curtis King, Kirk Pearson, Jamie Pedersen, Bob Hasegawa, and Maralyn Chase