Personal Narrative: Chad Walker

Shortly after Chad Walker relocated to Hawaii for a new job, his employer closed and he became unemployed. During this time, Walker incurred traffic tickets that he could not afford to pay. He didn't find out that his license was suspended due to the unpaid ticket until he went to renew his license in 2012.

Driver’s License Suspensions, Impacts and Fairness Study

This report relays findings from a study about the effects of driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey. For years, license suspensions have been imposed on motorists for reasons unrelated to public safety (i.e. to enforce payment of fines and fees), and this research suggests that residents of urban and low-income neighborhoods are more vulnerable to suspension than others.

Bearden v. Georgia

In Bearden v. Georgia, the Supreme Court held that courts may only revoke probation and/or sentence the defendant to imprisonment if the defendant willfully refused to pay.